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Let’s deep dive into our best-selling A3 multifunctional device and look at a few reasons why we love it so much and why our customers do too!  The Olivetti d-Color MF223 & the MF283.

Olivetti d-Color MF223 & the MF283The new d-Color MF223 multifunction system is perfect for anyone looking for quality technology at an affordable price; it’s ideal for cost-conscious businesses.  This all-in-one, colour and mono, A4 & A3 printer, scanner and copier is the ‘must have’ workhorse for any busy office, whether it’s for 2 users or 1000 users.

Given the engine size, we’d recommend this model for a print volume of up to 7000 prints per month. This is a good time to check out how much printing your office undertakes!  If you are not sure of your office’s print volume, have a look at our blog on getting a Print Audit done; it’s a good idea to know how much copying and print is costing your business. Likewise, choosing a new printer or photocopier can be a bit of a conundrum these days, given the brands, options, sizes and prices out there, so we did a little checklist of considerations for you to review when looking to make this purchase. If your office is doing a lot of print, then it’s important to look after your machine.  Check out our 9 tips on maintaining your printer or copier.

Reliable and simple to use, the MF223 will satisfy the demands of the modern office with excellent paper capacity.  There are multiple paper trays to fit A4 and A3 paper and depending on the configuration of your print usage, you could have anywhere up to 3,600 sheets available at any one time.  And there are lots of options to ‘bolt-on’ to this machine, depending on how your business operates and what’s important, e.g. you can have an A5 tray, an A6 tray, install a fax machine, have a hole punch (perforator), a stapler, a 20 page booklet creator with centre stapling…and the list goes on.

This machine works at a speed of 22 pages per minute and is also available in a 28 page per minute model (MF283), for any business that needs a little more speed.  More and more businesses are doing more and more scanning with a view to getting their print archives into the ever-growing cloud.  Of course with all technological developments, this brings with it a new set of challenges.  You can scan away to your heart’s content, but how are you going to find everything afterwards in order to file the documents intuitively and be able to search for them.  Well, there’s a lovely little optional feature called OCR, or Optical Character Recognition.  Basically, this means that all the documents you scan become searchable for any keywords that you insert.  When you have the right keywords, you can fine-tune your search to pull up all documents that mention your keyword.  How amazing is that (and time-saving!)?

But for me, one of the most exciting things with this machine and the technology available is the availability of Mobile Printing. An individual authentication process allows access to up to 1,000 users with web surfing and printing made easy via the practical 7’’ touch panel. NFC (Near Field Communication) and Airprint® are standard functions and allow mobile devices to connect directly to all functionalities with user authentication and printing. A special software connector (optional) allows connection to Google Cloud Print™ directly from the touch panel.

Finally, the low energy consumption levels allow real cost savings with full eco-compatibility through the use of recycled and recyclable materials.

So to summarise all these good points:

  • A4 & A3 colour & mono
  • 7” touch panel with an intuitive user interface
  • NFC (near field communication) connection area integrated into operator panel
  • Integrated web browser, printing using Airprint® & Google Cloud Print™ (option)
  • Paper capacity 3,600 sheets max
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • OCR scanning of “searchable pdf” or Microsoft® office optimised files (option)
  • Compact dimensions

Click Here to Download the Olivetti d-color MF223 & MF283 Brochure

Contact Highline Office Technology today to discuss our offers for the MF223 and MF283, including our Managed Print Service plans, the management of the multifunction printer, toner, service and parts all in one handy bundle. Each offer includes delivery, installation, connection to your network, full training, Airprint and Airscan.

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