Government Protocol On Returning To Work Safely

Returning To Work Safely

Returning To Work Safely With Our Surface Protection Service

Following the introduction of our new antimicrobial services to both office environments and office equipment, we would like to reassure you that, we, at Highline, are aware of the Government Return to Work Safety Protocol that will allow us to return to work safely. This protocol states that contact surfaces, such as table tops, work equipment, door handles and handrails, are visibly clean at all times and are cleaned at least twice daily.

These Government recommendations are straightforward,  but we are all well aware that not everyone will carry out these tasks with the utmost attention to detail and precision required. Highline Office Technology is offering a first line of defence that will keep your surfaces completely cleaned and sanitised, lasting between 6 months and a year.

If surfaces are not being cleaned or sanitised correctly due to poor technique, wipes that have dried out, incorrect technique or improper use of sanitiser, our antimicrobial surface protection is in place as a backup.

The Government recommendations can then be routinely enforced with a cloth method, with no need to continue with the use of other anti-bacterial cleaners – thus reducing the building’s biocide footprint.

Essentially, the product we use on the sanitisation process protects employees, hot deskers and visitors, from the day-to-day transfer of microbes from hand-surface-hand contact on communal areas, such as elevator buttons, conference rooms, and more importantly, it protects against potential poor hygiene habits.

About Liquid Guard®

Liquid Guard® is our product of choice when providing our surface protection services.

Liquid Guard presents a unique combination of nano-scale coating technology and new generation antimicrobial science, which delivers a coating that will permanently bond to any non-absorbent surface including desks, keyboards and touch-screens, along with washroom surfaces and door handles.

Liquid Guard establishes surface protection, ensuring that all surfaces stay clean by repelling liquids, dirt, preventing micro scratches, and boasting an antimicrobial function that kills viral and bacterial pathogens that come into contact with surfaces. As a result, Liquid Guard prevents the spread of coughs and colds in an office environment.

If you have any questions in relation to our antimicrobial surface protection service or if you wish to book this service for your office, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

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