We always like to work closely with our customers to find ways of helping them save money on their printing costs and help improve printing productivity and workflow.

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Here are a few handy tips that can help you save money for your business by saving on printing costs and help improve printing productivity.  Often, we find that productivity can be improved by utilising a few handy facilities for the printers and MFPs.

Scenario 1:

Have you ever noticed that text on an email is mostly black and that the only colour on the screen may be a blue hyperlink email address or coloured logo at the bottom of the email? If you print this you could be charged the full cost of a colour page on your printer! 


If you have to print an email why not default your printer to black only. You’ll make the colour toner go much further & you’ll only be charged for black toner.

Scenario 2:

Have you also noticed that most emails now carry a privacy notice as part of a footnote which might mean that you end up printing 2 pages with only the privacy notice on page 2?


To prevent 2 pages printing out (with footnotes or privacy policies that you don’t need to print), either set the printer to only Page 1 of 1 or you can set your printer to default to duplex printing so that you only print on 1 sheet of paper.

Scenario 3:

Imagine how much of an impact you can make, on your staff and customers, by creating and producing your own colourful 1.2 m length banners in-house. 


Imagine no more because it’s really easy and a standard feature on the Olivetti range of A3 full colour MFPs.  Set up a banner, in something like MS Powerpoint – we can supply you with the banner paper, and the rest is down to you and your imagination.

Scenario 4:

Are you or your staff or colleagues among the growing number of ‘mobile employees’ who move around within the company’s office buildings or branches?


Olivetti’s range offers an option to allow the sending of emails directly to an MFP for printing. Great for when you need to print photos from mobile devices such as phones/tablets when away from the office.

Here are a few Handy Tips for Previewing Documents Before Printing or Scanning with the Olivetti d-Color MF PLUS series.  By following these tips, you can save time and money by using less paper by making sure you’re printing just what you need to print – first time!

Scenario 5:

If you want to preview a document before you scan or print it, simply select the Scan menu and choose to scan to FTP server, SMB, USB, email or print.


Simply scan in the document, select a User Box or another address.  Then select ‘Preview’, check if the orientation should be portrait or landscape and press Start.

Scenario 6:

While in Preview Mode, you can change or delete pages before you scan or print them.


You can flick through the document pages on screen and event enlarge the image with your finger and thumb, like a smart phone or tablet on ‘View Page’ to change the orientation, delete a page or change its position.  You can change the orientation by simply moving it with your finger and thumb to the correct direction.

Scenario 7:

If you work in an office or branch where it is your job to be mindful of energy costs and make sure the copying/printing device is in top working order, then these tips are for you! 


Ask your equipment supplier to set up your MFP to email them directly, if the machine has a problem and also send quarterly metre readings straight to them.  It will save you the bother of calling an engineer, if it breaks down or needs more toner, and remembering to take and send metre readings.  Any issues will be sorted before you know there are any!

Scenario 8:

Here’s a great feature that will stop you worrying that you might have left the copier/printer on all weekend.


Your MFP can be set up so that it automatically adapts to the way your office works and will switch on and off based on actual usage over an initial analysis of 4 weeks. So you won’t have to go all the way back to the office to double check!

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