How Cleaning Products Can Damage Office Equipment

How Cleaning Products Can Damage Office Equipment And Surfaces

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, common household antimicrobial products have been widely used to disinfect surfaces everywhere. Cleaning products such as bleach, disinfecting wipes, Dettol and multi-surface cleaners, became essential items to have at home and at work.

At the same time, the constant use of harsh cleaners can damage certain surfaces, in particular on electronic devices. For instance, many manufacturers add anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and other coatings on touch screens devices, and the use of harsh chemicals can break that down. While you may think it is ok to do this on your personal mobile device, businesses can find themselves in trouble trying to combine surface cleaning with equipment maintenance and warranty.

It’s important to keep in mind that most office equipment have warranties in place, which can be completely voided if proven that improper cleaning and the improper use of the same has happened.

The Government Return to Work Safety Protocol states that contact surfaces, such as table tops, work equipment, door handles and handrails, are visibly clean at all times and are cleaned at least twice daily. While the protocol focus on health and safety, it is important to consider how the cleaning will be performed, and how many times a day surfaces and equipment will be wiped with chemicals.

What Can Be Done?

While many surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected with ordinary antibacterial products, businesses should have a long term plan in place for the cleaning and the protection of all essential equipment.

Highline Office Technology provides a surface protection service to office environments and office equipment. Our Antimicrobial Surface Protection Service provides a film coat on machines and office equipment, which stops germs, viruses, fungi and protozoa being spread around. This service delivers sanitisation while not damaging surfaces, and it can be done on printers, multi function devices (MFDs), shredders, desktop computers and laptops, office phones, mobile phones, keyboards, computer mouse, framed pictures, office desks and other office objects/areas.

We use an unique combination of nano-scale coating technology and new generation antimicrobial science, which delivers a coating that will permanently bond to any non-absorbent surface including desks, keyboards and touch-screens, along with washroom surfaces and door handles. The surface protection ensures that all surfaces stay clean by repelling liquids, dirt, preventing micro scratches, and boasting an antimicrobial function that kills viral and bacterial pathogens that come into contact with surfaces.

The Government recommendations can then be routinely enforced with a cloth method, with no need to continue with the use of other anti-bacterial cleaners – thus reducing the building’s biocide footprint.

If your business would like to learn more about how to return to work safely by using our Antimicrobial Surface Protection Services, simply click below to contact us.

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