When should I replace my printer?

How to Know When to Replace Your Printer

How to Know When to Replace Your Printer

All products and devices have a finite lifespan.  At some stage your printer, scanner, MFD will need to be replaced with a newer version, so how can you make a judgement call as to when this should be?  Here are a few points to consider, but in essence, when it starts costing you a lot more money and starts costing you a lot more time, then it’s probably time to get a printer health check done and consider an upgrade or new device.

  1. Your Printing Costs Are Rising

It’s probably time to get a print audit done and time to upgrade to a new more cost-effective device.  Don’t underestimate the impact that this will have on your office. New devices are issued to the market at least once every three years.  The technology, efficiency, and software on them is constantly being upgraded, so it’s important for SMEs and SMBs to stay in check.

Have a look at your operating costs, e.g. increased use of ink or toner cartridges.  We have a rule of thumb, that if you are replacing them more than once per quarter, then you have the wrong machine for your needs.  Repair and service costs can really drive up your print spend also.  If you have to replace a drum or fuser, these cost a lot of money, so take a look at a managed print service solution, where everything is already included, so you don’t incur other costs over the term of the contract.

  1. GDPR

A buzzword or the new business reality?  We would argue the latter.  Data privacy laws are here to stay and they are steadily being implemented by the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office. If you work in an office with more than one person, ideally you’ll have the ability to ‘lock down’ your printer and set up access and authentication protocols such as pin-code access, swipe card or biometric access.  Different set ups suit different environment, so this doesn’t need to be an overly complicated solution, but protecting data and ensuring data privacy is a business must!

  1. Security

Security is an ever-increasing feature and so many businesses are still not considering their print fleet within their security protocols.  Printers handle a large amount of sensitive data pertaining to your business.  Most printers have a hard drive (HDD) on them, so every scan, copy and print that you’ve ever done about the business, HR, legal and all administrative matters has a copy on the them, unless you have the right security settings on them.  You can read more about how to keep your printer safe here.  Older devices, printers and scanners won’t have all the newest security features, so it’s incredibly important to have a device that can keep your business safe.

  1. Energy Inefficiencies

Older devices will simply not be as energy efficient as the newer models. The R&D (research and development) funds of large companies such as Epson and Canon, means that they are constantly investing in new technologies to help create more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Epson alone spend €1.5 million a day on R&D.  This will have all sorts of impacts on your business, including having devices that don’t consume as much electricity.   Epson devices consume a whopping 98% less energy than laser jet printers.

  1. Productivity

Your printer is an investment and should be an asset to your business. It should help drive productivity.  When it starts to detract and become a nuisance, then it’s probably a good time to change or upgrade it to a newer model.  Over time the devices will slow down and be unable to keep up with your workload.  Similarly, new software and technologies are added to new devices each year, so it’s also important to keep up to speed with this.  New printers and their software will be a part of your digital transformation journey, so your systems needs to be aligned.  This will be a combination of apps, software

If your current office printer isn’t meeting your business needs around budget, time, security and productivity needs, talk to us today about how we can you discover the right printer for your business and your environment.

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