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In-House Solutions for Marketing Print Materials

If you are looking to in-source some of your marketing print material, then look no further, as the d-Color MF254 – MF304 – MF364 Olivetti multifunctional device (MFD) range, could just be the answer to your problem.

These machines give performance, are reliable, produce quality prints, run competitively and can withstand high volumes of print. We put the spotlight on the d-Color MF254 – MF304 – MF364 Olivetti MFD range.

The d-Color MF254, d-Color MF304 and d-Color MF364 A3 colour multifunctional systems have been designed to deliver the highest standard of print quality both in mono and colour, even under heavy volume conditions.  At Highline Office Technology, we’ve recently installed a number of MF254s into our customers’ offices, where speed, volume, and crucially quality of print are paramount. Our clients are using these machines to produce some of their marketing collateral.  Print quality is critical, as they are generating client facing documents, flyers, menus and much more.

So let’s look at some of the features of this range:

  • It’s available in three speeds: 25 ppm (d-color MF254), 30 ppm (d-color MF304) & 36 ppm (d-color MF364)
  • It’s a colour and mono multifunctional device
  • There’s a 9” touch screen with a new intuitive user interface developed in line with technology found on PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Bluetooth and near field communication (NFC) connection area integrated within operator panel
  • Integrated web browser allows internet usage and users to print web pages directly from the machine
  • Airprint® come as standard and google cloud print can be added on
  • Great paper capacity – up to 6,650 sheets. The basic paper capacity of 1,150 sheets can be increased up to 6,650 with the Large Capacity Tray for holding up to 3,000 A4 sheets
  • Second optional hard disk with ‘mirroring’ function
  • Reduced energy absorption
  • OCR scanning of “searchable pdf” files or optional Microsoft office optimised files

A new user interface and the ability to connect to mobile devices and Cloud platforms has led to the machine being very simple to use, as it has been developed in line with technology found on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Their consumables have been designed to offer maximum yield for even greater cost savings and improved care for the environment.

Paper quantities and handling can be customised to suit different workflow volumes. For all you marketers out there, here are some nifty facts around the capability of the d-Color MF254 – MF304 – MF364 Olivetti multifunctional device range.

The machines can manage a capacity of 3,000 sheets in A4 format. A finisher integrated with stapling of 500 sheets can be added on to the machine; this is inside the machine, but an external finisher can also be purchased and this will work for up to 3000 sheets.  Other options include tri-fold and centre staple function for the creation of booklets. So if you are creating a leaflet for a trade show, a conference, a leaflet distribution drop, or simply something to leave in the reception of your office, then this could be the right machine for you. Hole punch kits can be added on to cater for 2-hole or 4-hole perforation. You can create A3 posters and banners up to 1.2 metres via the by-pass tray and the machines will handle up to 300gsm for paper density.

Data security is assured through the added benefit of hard disk mirroring which is available on these new models, to prevent data loss in the case of failure of the primary hard disk, all working within a GDPR compliance framework.

Let’s look at the environmental side of things now: In ‘sleep mode’, the d-Color MF254/MF304/MF364 have a reduced energy absorption of only 0.6 W, as well as significantly reduced TEC absorption (Typical Electric Consumption). More than 25% of the total volume of plastic materials used is comprised of recycled PC/PET materials. This means that 78% of the material making up the external surfaces is composed of recycled and recyclable materials.

Scanning Speed (Colour & Mono, 300 dpi, A4, simplex configuration) will work at 80 ipm (with Document Feeder) and A3 is the maximum scanning output.  Scanning resolution can be set to 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 dpi also.  You can set up a variety of rules for your scanning protocols, i.e. where the scans are sent to, e.g.







-Scan-to-Scan Server

Contact us today at [email protected] or on 01 4097034 to discuss how Highline Office Technology can help your business.  We’ll carry out a print audit as standard (worth €600) and ensure that the photocopier or printer selected fits your business’s needs. And if you’d like to request a sample of print to assess the quality from the MF 254 range or to organise a trial of one of these machines, then please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to arrange this with you.

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