The newest member of #TeamHOT, we shine a light on Jennifer Pepper.


Q. How long have you been working in this industry?

A. I’ve come from the Consumer Electronics’ industry so I’m new to this industry, but as the wife of a 30+ year veteran, I’d like to think I have a good understanding of the business.

Q. What do you love about this industry?

A. I love that we are such a huge part of most businesses, and to find a Company such as Highline Office Technology who will do what’s right and best for our customers business can only be a good thing.

Q. Career highlight working with Highline Office Technology?

A. Too early to tell yet, I’m still settling in.

Q. What sets Highline apart from the competition?

A. Their “customer first” mantra.

Q. What do you like about working in Highline Office Technology?

A. A wonderful team of people who genuinely care about their customers.

Q. Favourite film?

A. High Society – An old classic with an amazing cast and fantastic music.

Q. Favourite food?

A. Pretty much anything shared with family and friends.

Q. Favourite song/band/singer?

A. Bruno Mars/Michael Buble/but it’s an ABBA song that will always get me on the dance floor!

Q. What are your core strengths?

A. Customer relations. I love to help the customer have an excellent after sales experience, one that will keep them coming back to us for all their future printer needs.

Q. 5 words to describe #TeamHOT

A. Professional. Friendly. Reliable. Dedicated. Committed.