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From Collection Boxes & Bags to Oils & Lubricants

Highline Office Technology can offer a complete followup service with our complete range of HSM consumables.


Contact Highline today to discuss our HSM Shredder, Baler & Waste Packaging portfolio, including supply, installation and accessories.

Here at Highline Office Technology, we will work with you to identify exactly what hardware and software you need to build a bespoke solution to suit your precise requirements. Matching the right products with your needs is a vital first step in setting up an efficient and cost-effective system.

The philosophy of “Great Products, Great People” links together HSM with Highline Office Technology. The factors behind HSM’s success includes  the values of flexibility, quality, self-awareness and corporate social responsibility. Together, these values have developed into a shared understanding of how HSM wishes to conduct itself both internally and in terms of its business partners: “Great Products, Great People”.

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