More and more businesses are engaging a Managed Print Service provider and with good reason.

Take a look at the 8 reasons why you should engage a managed print service provider and consider what it can do for your business.  Let’s take a look at some of the business advantages and benefits and you can then assess your business to see if it’s a worthwhile solution.

  1. Expertly managed. Experts tend to manage their core expertise, quicker, better, faster and cheaper than someone who is not an expert. Why?  They are trained in the area, have the buying power and the support framework in place to provide a dedicated service.
  2. Your MPS provider can help streamline the print fleet, resulting in a centrally managed service department to deal with all printer areas, rather than with multiple companies and providers.
  3. Your MPS provider should act as an integral part of your business team and look to consistently help you solve some of your business challenges, such as increasing print volumes, rising costs and unnecessary waste.
  4. Your MPS provider may be able to offer preventative maintenance on your machines, to ensure they are always running smoothly and efficiently. This prevents a loss of productivity and frustrated employees/staff.
  5. The print fleet is monitored remotely and reports when toners are low or a consumable is about to have a problem. This ensures that toners are despatched in a timely manner before the current toner runs out. It also ensures that the Service Engineers are sent out with the correct parts in order to make sure that they can get a ‘first-time fix’.  You can read more about what to expect from service delivery in our blog, what to expect from a Service Level Agreement.
  6. ‘Follow me printing’ and other security features that will be enabled on the devices will help to reduce printing in any organisation and increase the security within your organisation. This reduces needless waste in your business.
  7. Devices will and should be made to be GDPR compliant in their security settings. You can read more in our Security Tips blog for other insights.
  8. Transparent invoices are another feature of a well-managed print service. Rather than multiple invoices, that are unclear, you should receive one invoice that clearly outlines your lease and service charges.

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