Reasons to Choose Epson Projectors

Highline Office Technology works with a stable of premium suppliers.  And we do this for a very good cause, so let’s have a look at some of the reasons to choose Epson projectors.

If you, the customer, expect and deserve premium service from us, then we need suppliers and products that will back this up. We will be focusing in on our suppliers, with a series of blogs about the products we have for sale, to lease and those that we service. First up is Epson and we’ll delve into their projectors and interactive projectors.

 Reasons to Choose Epson Projectors

Simply put, Epson projectors guarantee the best picture quality. They offer secure, reliable, safe projectors and projector bulbs.

Projectors have been around for a number of years and no company does projectors quite like the number one top-selling projector manufacturer. Epson projectors and displays have outstanding image quality that enhances communication, inspire collaboration and offer a low total cost of ownership with excellent reliability and service.

When you decide to purchase an Epson product, you are investing in the very best in projection technology from one of the leading manufacturers in the world.

Epson for Schools

Epson projectors and interactive projectors bring greater clarity and opportunity for collaboration to your school. Designed to fit your school’s budget while supporting today’s learning needs, they include features such as wireless mobility and the benefit of a low cost of ownership.

Today’s ever-changing educational needs call for intelligent, easy-to-use technology that will inspire new ways of thinking. Epson have almost 50 year’s experience developing groundbreaking education tools to help engage students, promote collaboration and support faculty and administrators. Epson offer cost-effective, reliable and versatile technology solutions that will help you shape your curriculum and drive the future education at your school.

Whether you’re searching for state-of-the-art interactive displays, classroom projectors, or visual solutions for larger rooms and venues, Epson offers a comprehensive lineup of displays and projectors that are designed to connect students and teachers in ways never before imagined.

Display Sizes for Classroom Projectors

Projectors and interactive projectors come in different sizes and ranges, so it’s so important to get the right size.  Display size matters! It impacts on the engagement, visibility from the back of the room and collaborative results amongst the students.  Epson has developed a nifty guide to help work out what is the right size projector or display for the area that you propose for installation.  Check out Display Size Matters for more details.

Book a Consultation Today

If your school or training centre is upgrading, refurbing or expanding, book a consultation with the Highline Office Technology team to work on the best strategy and solution to fit your projector requirements.  Our team will do a full assessment in conjunction with you.  If you are looking to install four or more devices, we can arrange for an on-site demo in your school.

Highline Office Technology is accredited Epson projector and interactive projector installers.

Sale and lease options are available for all new projectors.

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