Let’s have a look at the review of the Canon Image Advance Runner C3500i Series printers.

It’s pretty safe to say that our team in Highline Office Technology are big Canon fans, so we’ll be working on a few blogs to showcase the products and software to give you an idea of why they are ideal for your business and to do a review of what features yield what benefits. The Canon C3500i series of printers are A3 standalone colour devices, that come in speeds of 20ppm, 25ppm and 30ppm and have a scan speed of 80ipm. So let’s have a look at the review of the Canon Image Advance Runner C3500i Series Printers; Here are just a few of the features and benefits of those features to consider for your business:

  • The standard trays: we just love this feature and as we always say to clients – it’s the small things that matter. How often have you been in the middle of a print run and the printer runs out of paper or jams on the last sheet? With Canon, this will be no longer! The trays are made to hold a full ream of paper and more; up to 550 sheets. You will get a prompt when there are 50 sheets left, so you have time to replenish the paper stock, so you can print uninterrupted.  With two paper trays as standard and the option to add on two more paper trays or a pedestal that can act as a toner storage unit, the printer can be configured to your office’s requirements. With the option of 4 paper cassettes, the printers have capacity for up to 2300 sheets of paper to satisfy any busy office environments.


  • Motion sensors: Again, another feature we love. In our ‘must have it immediately world’, it’s hard when you walk to a printer and it is in sleep mode.  You take the printer off snooze and it has to reboot itself, adding precious minutes to a task you just want to get done.  Well with the Canon printers, the motion sensors provide the solution.  They will sense you walking up to the printer and ‘wake up’ automatically…and when you are finished printing, they’ll go back ‘to sleep’, so as to go into energy saving mode.


  • Scanning: The ADF or automatic document feeder is available in a single or dual pass scan. For businesses that do a lot of scanning, we always recommend going with the dual pass scan.  It’ll save a lot of time, as the feeder will scan both sides of the sheet at one time.  The scanners have the technology to detect a blank page and this will be skipped over when batch scanning is undertaken. For businesses that are defaulting to duplex printing, as a way of being more environmentally friendly and as a way of encouraging cost reduction, this is a must.


  • File conversions: This printer offers the possibility of directly converting scans from PDF to Word, PowerPoint and searchable PDF. For businesses in the arena of finance, accounting, legal or who need to use excel, mark up, redact files or who would like to convert a large file to an audio file, then we also recommend looking into an e-Copy license.  Find out more here about the benefits of e-Copy in your office.


  • Finishing capabilities: There has an optional array of finishing capabilities to suit an office that undertakes a lot of marketing activities or that has to produce and collate a lot of reports. The printers can collate, group, offset, staple, hole punch, staple-free staple and create professional looking booklets automatically. The benefit here is around the ‘on demand’ activity, i.e. you do not have to outsource and be subject to minimum orders. Instead your business is free and nimble to manage, create and to execute small campaigns as required.  So, if it’s 10 booklets that you need to create or a new staff handbook that needs to be generated; this can now all be done in-house.


  • Software: This printer can avail of the Universal Login Manager, Uniflow Online Express, Uniflow Online and also supports AirPrint & Mopria. The Uniflow suite of software allow for extensive tracking and reporting capabilities from a central web-based system.


  • Security: The Canon C3500i series of printers can be configured with the security set ups that your business requires, e.g. functionality can be disabled to prevent unauthorised usage. Secure mailboxes can be set up to ensure confidential documents and reports do not fall into the wrong hands and that they can only be released via an authentication process, e.g. pin code, swipe card access etc.


  • Training: We can’t under estimate how important it is for businesses to avail of proper training when investing in a new printer. Printers, nowadays, are essentially computers. They fall under the banner of IoT, or Internet of Things.  Technology is changing fast, software is being upgraded continuously, so it’s important to be aware of what the printers can do for your business.  In a recent blog, we discussed time stealing activities in your office – not being trained on the new printer is a time stealer, but knowing how to use all its functionality, will be a productivity driver in your business.


  • Demos: We always recommend that a demonstration of the printer takes place before putting an order through, as it is a big investment for any office.  We are happy to do demos in our offices directly or to facilitate these in the Canon offices, as most appropriate and suitable for our customers. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the printer and to get an idea for how it can help drive your business, by saving you time and giving you peace of mind.


  • Toner: The Canon printers are sent out with a full set of high yield toners. As Highline Office Technology engage in a Managed Print Service with our clients, we monitor everything remotely, and dispatch toner as and when required. No more stock piling and unnecessary capital outlay!


  • Sustainability: The Canon printers boast a sustainable design, where a focus is put on minimising the environmental impact throughout the production cycle. Nifty set up solutions such as, default 2-sided printing, secure printing, the ability to hold print jobs, preview them, edit the print settings at the printer, all help reduce print and minimise waste and needless paper consumption.


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