Are you Starting a Business in 2020?

Have You Heard of STEA or the Short-Term Enterprise Allowance?

Are you Starting a Business in 2020_

What is it? Fancy name for what?

In short, it’s access to funding to help you start your business. In more detail (disclaimer: straight up nabbed from the website):

The Short-Term Enterprise Allowance (STEA) gives support to people who have lost their job and want to start their own business.

To qualify, you must be getting Jobseeker’s Benefit. There is no qualifying period, which means you do not need to have been getting Jobseeker’s Benefit for a certain period of time. However, you will not qualify if you are getting Jobseeker’s Benefit and working part-time. You can continue reading the rest of their information here.

You can also check out for a full list of all entitlements and opportunities here.

You can’t get it all, but you won’t need everything for every business.  You have a maximum value, so work out what you need, first of all, to get your business up and running and prioritise the investment you have to make against all the supports you can get.  It’s a great initiative.

In subsequent articles, we’ll be looking at how to choose your office equipment wisely, particularly as a start-up. You’ll have enough to do with setting up the new business, so there is no point in having equipment that eats your precious resources – which are both TIME and MONEY.  Go focus on getting that business up and running.  Here are a few starter tips to get you considering WHAT equipment you will need for maximising and optimising your new business. And it’s important to start out right…consider the environment. Read here to find out how your office can embrace sustainable printing.

What you will find out, as a start-up, is that you won’t have any access to credit as you don’t have a business that has turnover…other than supports (which should be leveraged as much as possible), it can be hard to get credit to finance various aspects of the business. We always recommend leasing equipment, for a variety of reasons and you can read more about these reasons here.

Highline Office Technology is a huge supporter of new businesses and we want to be a part of your success journey, so please reach out to us to have a chat.

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