What to Consider Before Buying Office Equipment

Whether your company is a small startup, or a big time corporation, your office is going to need the right equipment: what to consider before buying office equipment as a start-up.

Laptops, printers, scanners, fax machines and even company phones will all contribute to your new business functioning smoothly, and will encourage employee productivity – and unless you have an unlimited supply of money, the finances required to furnish your space and will be your most limiting resource.

Read below to see what questions we recommend asking yourself before purchasing office equipment as a startup or even if you are about to embark on an office upgrade, relocation or expansion.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Let’s start this off simple – How much space do you have to spare? Machines take up a lot more space than you might think, and some machines are louder than others, so they can’t be put in a location that will constantly disrupt employee workflow. If you only have a small office, it might be in your best interest to invest in smaller desktop machines to start.

You need to be near a plug point, an internet point and if you have a fax board, to have a fax port available.

What is Your Brand Preference?

It is not uncommon to be biased towards certain brands – people know what works for them and tend to stick with that brand. In Highline Office Technology we work with Canon, Epson and Olivetti printers and software and HSM for shredders.

We absolutely believe in these brands as their offices are in our back yard, so we have recourse if something goes wrong.  We actively engage in a lot of training with them all through the year and we have strong supplier relationships with all of these brands. We know you just want the equipment to work, so we can only put guarantees in place when we know we are providing our customers with premium brands where we can guarantee a premium experience. #ServiceExcellence

What is Your Budget?

If you are unable to lock down a budget for your printers and office equipment, #TeamHOT can offer you short term rentals on our machines until you can create a definite budget for your office.

This is an ideal solution to those who cannot commit to long term contracts or for businesses who just need a short-term solution until they get settled or if they are doing project work. Our short-term rentals include maintenance, toner and servicing.

Customers often don’t know whether they should buy or lease printers and office equipment.  Once the spend is over €500 then leasing becomes and option. Check out our blog on the benefits of leasing to find out more and to discover the benefits for your business.  It must be noted however, that if you are less than 12 months in business, you may not qualify for credit to enable a leasing contract as your business won’t be passed for finance.  At Highline Office Technology we offer clients our own financing solutions.  We are active supporters of new businesses and will work with you to set up your office.

Keeping it Green

When purchasing equipment or technology, be sure that it’s energy efficient. Not only will you save money in the long haul, but you’ll also be contributing to the health and well-being of the planet. Research the environmental impact of your new equipment and find out how to dispose of your existing equipment in a way that minimises its impact on the environment.

What Machines Does My Office Require?

Multifunctional Device (MFD)

A multi-functional device is essentially a printer with added scanning/copying and sometimes a fax capability. Typically, a printer manufacturer will market both a basic printer and an all-in-one based on the same printing engine. While printer only models are available, most businesses are endeavouring to reduce paper and therefore are scanning a lot more.  Copying is a function that isn’t used so much anymore, as it’s as easy to choose to print a page X number of times.  The fax function is used a lot by banks or solicitors who undertake conveyancing.


Just as quickly as we generate paper, we tend to destroy it. Your business is responsible for the information it possesses – be it employee personal information, a customer list, a client’s sensitive materials or a confidential memo.  Choosing a shredder is a little more complicated than people realise, so have a look at our blog that details out some of the considerations that you may not have thought about.  Volume, number of users, sensitivity of the information to be shredded are just a few filters, but there are many more. It’s worth defining what you need at the start, to get it right, otherwise you’ll make a poor investment.


If you are going to be doing a huge amount of scanning, then it’s potentially better to consider a stand-alone scanner for the office. The scanner on a multifunctional device is good for circa 100 pages per day, as a rule of thumb, but if you need to scan receipts, different size pages, crumpled paper, then a separate scanner is a better investment. The technology and the software on them are more sophisticated and many of the models come with OCR or optical character recognition to help you manage your scanned documents.


Will you have to do presentations? Will you need a projector and screen?  If you are doing a lot of presenting, then a presentation clicker is always a great investment.

Mobile Solutions

Most businesses, whether they start at home or in a small office, will have a static equipment requirement, i.e. they need office equipment in the office.  Many people, however, also require mobile and compact solutions. For every piece of equipment you might need in an office, there is a small mobile solution available too, e.g. portable scanner, portable printer, small shredder, so you can literally have office equipment in a small suitcase if needed.

For a consultation about your bespoke requirements, contact [email protected] or call 01 4097034 for more details and we’d love to have a conversation with you to define your needs and partner with you on your exciting journey.

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