What is a Managed Print Service (MPS) & Should You Engage an MPS Provider?

In the broadest and most basic of terms, the printing in your business is either managed or it’s unmanaged. I would imagine that it’s an easy question to answer for most businesses and for so many businesses, it’s still unmanaged.  So why is this the case, when having a managed print service could potentially save up to 70% on print costs for some organisations?

Typically, there are three main challenges that businesses need to address as their businesses grow:

  • Rising print volumes or simply high print volumes
  • Increasing costs
  • Unnecessary waste

Many businesses and organisations grow organically and with that, the print fleet grows to solve a problem in that moment, but what ends up happening is that the organisation has different devices, different brands of devices, no maintenance contract, staff time is spent sorting out faulty printers, sourcing toner, managing costs and procurement of maintenance, toners and consumables. And that’s before we mention the down time, loss of productivity when the machines and devices stop working.

Surely there’s a better way?

What if there was a way to take away all this pain and heartache, increase productivity, reduce print and save money all at once?

Good news!  It’s called a Managed Print Service. This is the solution to your organisation’s problems.  But what does it mean to have a managed print service provider as an integral part of your supplier ecosystem and how does a managed print service work?

A Managed Print Service provider will afford your business some of the following benefits and ability to deal with the challenges of a growing business.

The first step in any organisation will be for the MPS provider to do a full print audit of all devices and printers.  They’ll evaluate volume, spend, high/low periods for printing in your business and the division of mono and colour printing.  An assessment will also be done around your workflow processes with a view to understand how and why the business is operated the way it is. They’ll also look into your future; where is the business going, what’s the growth strategy, what IT upgrades are planned etc.

A good place to start is to look at streamlining the fleet of devices that you have and to look at reducing the number of devices that you are currently operating.  A fresh fleet of devices will have other implications, such as lowering your energy bills, as the new machines use much less energy.  You’ll note this referenced as the Energy Star rating.  They will also help reduce your stationery bills, as the default setting can be for duplex printing, so less paper is being consumed.

Modern security features such as ‘follow me’ printing will also help reduce the printing and by default the paper consumption.  As user boxes are set up for each person printing, the employee or staff member can only retrieve the documents from the device, once they insert their pin or use the appropriate form of ID.  It’s not unusual to see a drastic reduction in print, with this security in place, which in turn reduces the service charges and monthly/quarterly billing.

Transparent invoices are another feature of a good managed print service. Rather than multiple invoices, that are unclear, you should receive one invoice that clearly outlines your lease and service charges, i.e. exactly what you have printed.

Your MPS provider should remotely monitor your toner and your device health.  When toner is running low, it should be despatched before your current toner runs out and likewise, if an error is triggered, a Service Engineer should be despatched to rectify this problem before it becomes a problem for your business or school.

By employing the services of a Managed Print Service provider, you should have a business partner who helps you strive for constant improvement in your printing environment.  They should help ensure that the print infrastructure you have in place is fit for purpose and supporting your firm’s growth.

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